NEW Music Find: Bombay Bicycle Club “Carry Me”

Walking down the concrete street, head bobbing with those Dr. Beats. Yes, it’s true. The British band, Bombay Bicycle Club (BBC), definitely had dancers and new music fiends like myself in mind when it released its new single, “Carry Me.”

With their last album “A Different Kind of Fix,” BBC tore up the alternative pop scene with quirky/folksy electronic songs like “Lights Out, Words Gone,”  “How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep” and the catchy hit, “Shuffle.” Now, the band is changing their sound. “Carry Me” hints at a more of a Dubstep and rave style but with the new album yet to be released, one won’t know for sure. Regardless, these guys are definitely a band to watch right now.

Check out their official “Carry Me” music video below.

Liked that? Check out the interactive version!

Carry Me Interactive Video


Music Find: James Blake

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James Blake performed at the local venue 9:30club in downtown DC.

Have you ever heard a voice so beautiful that it provokes you to make rash life decisions?

I haven’t. But if I ever were, I wouldn’t be surprised if the voice belonged to recent Mercury prize winning artist, James Blake.

Blake, friend and collaborator with popular music artist Chance the Rapper, creates rich harmonies coupled with electronic sound, a really enjoyable experience (at least to my ears). Plus, the almost unearthly tone of his voice is consistent throughout his recordings and live performances. With such an innovative music style, Blake’s fan base ranges from Dubstep fans to pop fans to soul/blues fans.  I thought that his album “Overgrown” is a significant contender for award recognition this year.

To experience a bit of Blake’s musical wonderfulness, check out his popular single “Retrograde” shared below.

Music Find: Logic x Westwood Crib Sessions

I love when I stumble upon amazing artists who are true to themselves and their audiences.

One such artist is the rising star (and MD hailing) rapper, Logic.

Logic combines hard-hitting lyricism with solid beats that keep you engaged. His style is quick, progressive, and personal.

I feel that he has potential to be one of the greatest rappers of our generation.

Check out his freestyle session with Tim Westwood’s “Westwood Crib Sessions” below.

You’ll be blown away. Trust me.

– Imani

Music Buzz: The Postal Service is Touring?!

Alright, I realize that this is probably old news now to many of you, but as a college student detached from her musically literate friends, I feel I have the right to be ecstatic about this bit of music gold.


They haven’t lost a slightest bit of their massively popular style either.

Posted below is their newly unveiled song “A Tattered Line of String.”

I hope you like it (although if you have any sense of how great they sound, you probably do regardless).

– Imani

P.S. – If you are a student in the Greater Washington area, be sure to grab tickets to this show (link: Music Buzz: The Postal Service is Touring?!). It’s going to be amazing!


Music Find – Kishi Bashi

About four months ago, I discovered one of my now favorite musicians, Kishi Bashi. He’s a Japanese-American singer and violinist with this really cool electronic/acoustic sound.

I was preparing for Finals Week at UMD when I found his music and listening to it was great for lifting my tired-college-student spirits.

The song I listened to the most was “Chester’s Burst Over the Hamptons” off his 151a album. This particular song is really great for all-nighters. The beat is fiery; it makes you want to jump around the room, brilliant for warding off that sleepy haze.

The greatest thing about Kishi Bashi is that he adds complex musicality to every one of his songs, which is rare.

If you want to take a listen, I placed the video below.

Thanks and I hope you like it,


Hey there, Internet

Hey Everyone,

I’ll start off with an apology for not “officially” introducing myself before starting to post to this blog.

I hesitated to make this blog my main one but then I thought it might be cool to share with you all the many unique facets of my life.

My little “sharings” for this blog are going to be pretty far-reaching as I have a ton of different interests.

Fashion and beauty, family life and education, politics and social change are some of the main issues that I like to talk about.

However, right now I am really interested in another topic.


My first “review” will be featured in the next post.

Stay tuned for more of my musings.


Imani R. L.