Music Find: James Blake

2013-11-02 23.52.34

James Blake performed at the local venue 9:30club in downtown DC.

Have you ever heard a voice so beautiful that it provokes you to make rash life decisions?

I haven’t. But if I ever were, I wouldn’t be surprised if the voice belonged to recent Mercury prize winning artist, James Blake.

Blake, friend and collaborator with popular music artist Chance the Rapper, creates rich harmonies coupled with electronic sound, a really enjoyable experience (at least to my ears). Plus, the almost unearthly tone of his voice is consistent throughout his recordings and live performances. With such an innovative music style, Blake’s fan base ranges from Dubstep fans to pop fans to soul/blues fans.  I thought that his album “Overgrown” is a significant contender for award recognition this year.

To experience a bit of Blake’s musical wonderfulness, check out his popular single “Retrograde” shared below.