Newbie Reporter Writing Treasures

Studying and writing for public relations can be tricky work.

With organizing a story, there are massive amounts of research conducted before the real writing begins.

To go through this research process smoothly, I like to use two news resources – Google and Twitter.

Although both are online, Google is definitely the authority in spearheading my research.

I use Google to search for key terms, find old material on topics and read the opinions of other writers on the topic that I am researching.

I also use Google to find out more about the people or organizations that I write about by searching their names for any online presence.

Speaking of online presence, Twitter is a great tool for helping me learn about what kind of online “persona” the organization or individual that I am researching holds.

It also helps me find out about the most current discussion points relating to a certain topic, using hashtags.

I use both tools for personal use as well. I search for information about internships and public relations career education through Google. With Twitter, I search for PR organizations that intrigue me.

Both Google and Twitter are  fundamental tools for new writers.

(WC: 197)

“When drafting, Google and Twitter serve as a novice writer’s close companions”


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